The best SEO tip that you won't like


Recently, a lot of people have been asking me about SEO. “What should I do to build backlinks?” “How do I increase my ranking?” “Can you tell me 5 SEO tips?”

Instead of answering all of these, I tried to boil SEO down to one single piece of advice that would cover all of the bases. You can see my top tip in the video below, or read on below if that’s more your style!

Create content that your clients want, consistently

That’s my best advice. SEO is complicated because Google rankings are based on over 200 different variables, these are called ranking factors. Before I get into the technical reasons of why consistent content creations is key, it’s important to understand Google’s goal.

What does Google want?

Google has one goal, to help the searcher find what they’re looking for. To do this, they analyse as many webpages as they can and show the pages most likely to help the searcher. This is all done through an algorithm, you know, MATH, brrrrr.

So we create content for two reasons; we want to help people answer their question and we want to show Google who’s boss. Posting fresh content regularly does exactly that, and here’s why.

your website remains active

Websites that have new pages created, are still active. So posting a blog post is basically telling Google “Hey, I’m still alive and relevant!”. This tells Google your business is active, so it’s safe to send people here.

Overall websites with more pages also rank higher, a large amount of optimised pages can contribute to a lot of those aforementioned 200 ranking factors leading to a higher spot on the results.

you’re creating a content silo

A content silo is a fancy word to describe different pieces of content around a certain topic. It’s a cluster of pages that all relate to each other. This is great because Google doesn’t look at your page as if it exists in a vacuum, but looks at your entire website. By creating more content around one larger topic, you’re establishing authority.

If you need inspiration for further blog posts, think about your posts as different chapters of a book. If you wrote a book about your expertise, what chapters would you definitely include? Write posts around those topics and link them to each other.

welcome back, dear visitor

Consistent content creation invites people back and keeps them on your website. Both returning visitors and visitors that stay for a long time, are a clear signal to Google that you provide quality content.

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