How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media as an Entrepreneur


2 hours and 15 minutes every day.

That’s how often I’ve used my phone on average over the last week. I spent an hour of that on social media every day. Do you feel like you’re wasting time on social media too? Here are some practical tips on how to stop wasting time on social media.

social media is addictive

First of all, you need to understand that social media is designed to be addictive. The goal of the platform is to keep you on there as long as possible, often at the sacrifice of something else.

Your purpose as a business owner is to reach, engage and build relationships with your audience, without spending every waking minute on various social media platforms.

So, to get started, be clear about your social media goals.

your social media goals

We all want to build relationships, engage with our audience, build a community, maybe even make some sales, but what does that mean in numbers?

It could be: posting once a day on Instagram, tweeting 5 times or posting a prompt in your Facebook group 3 times a week.

Then for engagement it could mean: replying to every comment and leaving 5 thoughtful comments on other people’s posts.

Defining these goals, will give you something to track and specific tasks to do on social media, instead of just mindlessly scrolling. It's your job to create and post, not to scroll.


schedule in advance

Scheduling it in advance is the simplest way to ensure you’ll actually post enough. And the most efficient way to schedule in advance is to batch the work!

I have a free email course on batching that you can use to help you do this, sign up through the link above.

Also, if you’re using a third-party scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite or SmarterQueue, you aren’t actually going into the social media platform itself so there’s actually no distractions or risk of scrolling.

Block time for engaging

Once you have your posts scheduled, set apart time to engage on social media.

Social media is meant to be…well, social! Whilst posting consistently is a big part of your role on social media, it’s really important to engage with your audience too.

Put it in your calendar and use a timer. Do nothing during that time other than replying to comments on your content and engaging with people in your audience. Otherwise you’ll get caught scrolling in no time!

Still struggling?

If you have trouble avoiding the scroll, you can use the Forest app, which blocks you from using your phone. Turn off all the notifications (I only get notified when someone calls me, it’s a game-changer), another trick is to put your phone of out sight. I put mine in my desk drawer on days I keep reaching for it.

For social media use on your computer there are 3 things that help limit me. I use the StayFocusd plugin for Google Chrome to block certain websites during working hours and I use the Facebook feed eradicator to hide my Facebook feed.

Once in a while I also clean out the FB groups I’m in and remove those that don’t bring me value.

These are the simplest but also most impactful things you can do to stop wasting so much time on social media.