Is Your To-Do List Trying to Kill You? This Simple Productivity Trick Worth 450K Will Save You


Does your to-do list stretch all the way from your desk to the nearest border?

Does thinking about every little thing you need to do make your hair fall out with stress?

Let me share the simplest trick to cull your to-do list and get more done.

is your to-do list never ending?

Are you guilty of writing to-do lists that go on forever but never actually completing the tasks that are on the list?

I know how it feels. When you run a business, it can feel like there’s always a million and one things to do. And once you finish one task, four more have appeared. So you write lists.

Lists that never end and never get any shorter. But that’s not sustainable. It can be soul destroying to look at your list at the end of every single day and feel like you’re not achieving anything (even when you are).

But there is a solution…

The 450k productivity tip!

Management consultant, Ivy Lee helped Charles Schwab (who was a really big deal back in the 19th century) make his company more productive. Back then he didn’t ask for a fee, but asked Schwab to pay him what he thought it was worth instead.

Schwab eventually wrote him a check for $25,000. Nowadays that would be somewhere around 450K.

So, what was the tip that Ivy Lee shared with Charles Schwab that was worth so much…



The tip seems very simple.

It’s to make a to-do list with the 3-6 most important things you need to do the following day. When the day arrives, you start on the first thing and work on it until it’s finished. Then you move onto the next and continue your way through the list.

This might seem way too obvious and I can feel you rolling your eyes at me right now, but consider this: How often do we let our day be interrupted by what other people think is important?

How often do we start a task only to be interrupted again and again and, at the end of the day, the task remains incomplete?

Emails, social media, small client requests…the list goes on - all interrupting our day and preventing us from getting those things on our to-do list done.

Prioritise the items on the list and start on the most important thing first. Work on those 3-6 super important items and nothing else. This puts you back in the drivers’ seat (and that’s exactly where you want to be. It is your own business after all).

So, grab a small piece of paper, I often use a post-it note for this, and write down the 3 most important things you want to accomplish tomorrow.