Setting Up Goals In ClickUp


Setting up goals and keeping an eye on your numbers in incredibly important for your business. But how many of us actually sets them up and keeps track of them regularly?

I’m going to show you exactly how you can use the awesome goals feature in ClickUp to keep your goals and tasks all in the same place.

Setting goals for your business

If you want to grow and scale your business, you need to set goals. In order to make progress you need to have a target that you are working towards all the time.

But setting goals and remembering what they were can seem like just another task to add to your already huge to-do list. Here’s how you can make the process easier with ClickUp.

Setting up goals in clickup

From your dashboard in ClickUp, you can see your goals by clicking on the trophy icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.


Adding a new goal is as simple as clicking “Add New”. You can then customize your goal by giving it a name, description, deadline and assigning to a team member. This will be your main goal or target, so you would give this a general name such as “Social Media” or “Newsletters”.

You can then add goals and targets underneath your main goal e.g. number of new subscribers for your newsletter each week, month or quarter.


different types of goals you can use

This is a really cool feature of the goal setting section of ClickUp. You can select your type of target - from tasks and numbers, to currency and true/false.

In addition to that, you can really personalize things by determining what measurements or ‘units’ you want to track. Using the newsletter example again, your measurement or ‘units’ would be subscribers.

Tracking and measuring your goals

Whenever you take action against your goals, you can update your progress within ClickUp. Let’s say you check your email list and notice 10 new members. You can go into your goal and add those 10 new members against your target.

There is also the option to add notes which is really useful if you’ve done something different, for example, if you co-hosted a webinar with someone during that particular week.

When you look at the overall goal, you can see where you are in terms of a percentage of your goal

Creating recurring tasks

The key to setting goals and achieving them is to actually go back and review your progress regularly.

So, create a weekly task within ClickUp to remind you to go into your goals and track how much progress you have made during that week.

Being able to see the percentage of each goal that has been met is not only super cool but it’s also highly motivational!

Limited use of goals n the free plan

Sadly, the free plan of ClickUp is limited to 100 uses of the goal feature in total. I’ve contacted there support and this is just to try it out, goals is a premium feature moving forward. That said ClickUp is still very affordable with plans starting at 1 user!


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