The One Boundary that Changes Your Business for the Better


A client that calls you on Sunday, a customer that demands to get a new account at night, social media notifications that never stop.

Always being switched on isn’t going to help you build a sustainable business, so let me tell you the most important boundary you need to put in place in your business.

the number 1 boundary

The no. 1 boundary to set in place as business owners are your office hours!

If you’re now like “Office hours?! Excuse me! I left my office behind so I didn’t have to do the whole 9 to 5…” I hear ya, but most business owners don’t work from 9-5, they always work!

Always working and spinning your wheels leads to overwhelm, being overworked and burnout. Creating a set of office hours that you stick to, helps you avoid these.

Setting your office hours

The hours you set are up to you, I'm a big fan of working when you work best (which is why you'll never see me get up at 5).

So, set your hours for when you’re most productive. Then add them to your website and email signature and let your current clients know.


Create rules and exceptions

Don’t forget to create rules and exceptions.

For example, one of my rules is that one weekend day is completely off work. I can nap, watch Netflix, go out, do ANYTHING. But I can't work.

An example of exceptions can depend on your clients, crashing websites, launches, crushing deadlines coming up and other urgent circumstances. Sometimes I work evenings to work around time zones, but I do have a rule to catch up with free time later.

So, set office hours to set yourself up for long-term success!