My 7 Favourite Productivity Tools for 2019 (4 are free!)


How much time are you wasting during the day?

If you’ve ever tracked your time, you probably already know that it’s A LOT. I use several tools to help me stay more productive during the day so I thought I’d round them up and share them with you to help you save time and become more productive in your business.

These are the 7 tools I use to streamline my business processes and make sure I procrastinate less:

  1. Clickup

If you’ve seen some of my other videos or read my blog posts, tool number one won’t surprise you. It’s ClickUp of course!

I house all of my tasks here, this way I keep track of anything that needs to be done in my business. The free plan is great to get started if you’re looking for a project management system.

2. Station

Tool number 2 is another free powerhouse, it’s called Station.

Station is a hub that can integrate several of your other platforms. So it’s one window that includes all of your different tools. I have Gmail, Google Drive, ClickUp, all of my social media platforms, Later to schedule Instagram posts, Google Calendar and Airtable all within one platform.

It helps me stay focused on the task at hand inside the program, that way I manage to avoid reading the news, online shopping and the never ending Facebook loop! You can download it for free on

3. GSuite

I mentioned it already, but I’m a big fan of GSuite, it’s the Google collection for business included Google Drive, email and calendar. It’s affordable and so easy to use and integrate.

Yes, you can often set up a free email through your host, but using this instead makes my life so much easier.


4. Tomato timer

Next up is another free tool called Tomato Timer!

This is just one of many online timer tools out there, but this is a name I can remember. It’s a website where you can set a Pomodoro timer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro method, it’s when you set a timer for 25 minutes and work focusing on just one task during that time. It’s what I use if I really can’t concentrate.

5. fb feed eradicator

There are two free Google Chrome plugins that really help me to stay focused when I’m working online.

The first one if the FB Feed Eradicator. This one replaces my Facebook news feed with a motivational quote instead. So now my Facebook news feed is telling me to get back to work and inspiring me.

6. Stayfocusd

StayFocusd is another free plugin that lets you either block certain websites as a whole or start blocking your listed websites after a certain time period.

This helps me stay away from some places I like to procrastinate during the day such as online shopping sites!

7. forest app (for your phone)

Finally, I have a great tool for those that scroll on their phone when they should be working. It’s called the Forest App and blocks you from using your phone for a time you can specify (they use 25 minutes, sounds familiar?)

During the time your phone is blocked it lets you plant a tree, but if you use your phone before the time is up, your tree withers and dies. It’s a paid app but cheap and it gets better, because the company donates actual trees if you use the app. Over 400,000 trees have been donated this way.