Block Schedule to Supercharge Your Days


Are you switching tasks 921 times an hour?

Do you feel like you never finish anything in your business?

Start batch scheduling your days to get more done and supercharge your days! Here’s how to get started.

What is block scheduling?

Block scheduling - or time blocking - is an easy way to increase productivity for entrepreneurs.

Instead of listing to-do’s with no time estimate or boundaries around them, you block a part of your calendar our to work on a certain task or area of your business.

You don’t do anything else during this time and focus solely on the task at hand.

why block schedule?

There are two main reasons why block scheduling works really well.

Firstly, it stops unimportant tasks taking over. You take back control of your schedule, instead of letting external factors decide what you should be working on and what you should be doing.

Secondly, it helps you focus on one task or project at a time. Science has shown again and again that humans are bad at multi-tasking so it’s incredibly important that you only focus on one task at a time if you want to get more things done in less time.


How to block schedule

A simple way to start implementing time blocking is to identify an important project.

Then start blocking a certain amount of time out in your calendar to work on it each day. Choose a time of day when you’re most productive.

Th easiest way to make this system work for you, is by planning ahead. And you don’t need any fancy tools, just use whatever system you have in place already, whether it’s a Google calendar, a project management tool or a physical planner.

Start by blocking off your appointments that are already scheduled. Then block out time for the most important projects. I always start with client work. Then I block off time for urgent things like checking and processing emails, and returning calls.

I choose to process my emails three time a day. At the start of the day I look through, reply is it’s quick and delete like a maniac! Before lunch I peek to see if something important has come up (it rarely does) and then I answer long emails at the end of my working day.

Then it’s time to plan your breaks! I started blocking off an hour for my lunch break. It makes me happier, healthier and more energized in the afternoon, but if I didn't schedule it, lunch would probably be a sad affair.

Now what’s left over can be scheduled for other things you need to tackle during that week. Don’t forget to leave some blank blocks that can be filled with things that come up during the week.