9 Reasons Why ClickUp is the Best Project Management Tool


Forget Asana and move over Trello, ClickUp is actually the best project management tool out there for bloggers and business owners.

I’m going to tell you exactly why the ClickUp free plan blows most other software out of the water when it comes to project management and keeping your business organized and on track.

1. the free plan is amazing

Everything that I’m about to list in this post is available on the FREE plan. ClickUp isn’t one of those tools where you can only use 1 or 2 of their features on the free plan and then you have to upgrade your account to access everything else.

I haven’t seen any features that I need to use to run my business that aren’t included on the free plan. The only thing that has tempted me to upgrade my account is having access to the Gantt view - I don’t even need it, I just want to play with it!

2. list view or board view?

Do you prefer to have your tasks in a list view or a board view? Why not have both?

In ClickUp you can look at all of your tasks in both views! And, it gets even better, you can see how everything fits together by looking at everything in the calendar view! This way, you’ll never overlook a task or miss a deadline again.

3. templates for everything!

In ClickUp you can create templates for everything! Whether it’s spaces, projects, lists, tasks or checklists, you can create a template for it.

Once you’ve created and set up all of your processes and systems you can reuse them over and over again without having to start over each time.

4. collaborating is easy

Collaboration with others is easy. You can create different teams or add guests to specific projects or lists. You can also assign tasks to people and set deadlines for them too.

Even if you’re not ready to start working with a team right now, the way that ClickUp works means that you can add team members when you are ready without having to re-do everything.


5. scale and grow

As I just said, ClickUp makes it easy for you to add team members whenever you’re ready, making it the perfect tool to grow with you as you grow and scale your business.

6. native time tracker

There is a native time tracker available withing ClickUp which is great if you need to track hours for your clients, or just want to see how long things are taking you.

You can also add time estimates to tasks before you complete and then compare the two! This is actually really useful as it helps you better estimate how long something is going to take you next time.

7. google calendar sync

You can use the 2-way Google Calendar sync feature if you want to. Personally, I like to keep my calendar less cluttered and just keep all of my business tasks with ClickUp. But the option to sync is there if you like the idea of it - I guess it’s a really helpful feature for people who are on the move a lot or have a lot of in-person or Skype meetings.

8. customization

ClickUp can be customized like crazy!

I probably only use about 25% of its capabilities and that works perfectly for me right now. The great thing is that you can pick and choose which features you use based on what works best for you and your business.

Do you like to batch things? Add time estimates to each task.

Do you bill clients by the hour? Use the native time tracking tool.

Want to assign multiple people to a task? Just activate the ClickApp for it.

You really can make it whatever you want it to be.

9. awesome upgrades!

ClickUp are constantly upgrading their tools and adding new features.

The new goal setting feature is a real game-changer to me because it brings strategy and goal setting into your project and task management. You can check out my thoughts on this feature here.