Beat Procrastination in Your Business: 5 Things to Try


Do you ever plan to get so much done, but find yourself binge watching a whole season of Friends on Netflix instead?

All of us struggle with procrastination sometimes, so here are 5 simple things to try on a day when you get nothing done.

1. Stop working

So, you want to stop procrastinating?

My first tip is going to sound radical…shut down your computer and go for a walk!

This might sound counter-intuitive but our bodies are not made to sit down behind a desk all day. Fresh air and a bit of movement will jump-start your brain into action. It usually works for me and the dog is very happy too!

2. change your environment

Change your environment to discourage procrastinating!

I talk about my favourite tools for productivity in another post, so you might want to check that out next!

But spend some time thinking about your biggest pitfalls. For me that means using two Google Chrome plugins that hide my Facebook news feed and starts blocking the website entirely if I spend too much time there. Now I’m way less tempted to keep scrolling on Facebook forever.

3. Use the pomodoro technique

Tip number 3 is the one I use when literally nothing else works. It’s to use the Pomodoro technique and set a timer for 25 minutes.

Usually I set myself up with coffee and a generous piece of chocolate before starting the timer. There is nothing in my business that is so bad I can’t do it for 25 minutes (if it is, you might have another problem) so I suck it up and just get started. Usually I get into the flow of things by the time it’s over and continue without resetting the timer.


4. ditch your phone

Put your phone somewhere else. Damn what did she just say?!

You heard me.

If your phone is your biggest distraction, turn off notifications and put your phone in a drawer.

Have you ever noticed you reach for your phone when you don’t know what to do straight away? Instead of making a decision you reach for your phone instead. Putting it away stops you when you reach for it, this small pattern interruption is usually is enough to change your behaviour.

5. keep a list of small wins

The last one is for fun! Start keeping a small wins list.

I keep a small notebook where I record small wins during the day. Nothing it too small of a win or accomplishment to go on the list, like sending a newsletter or scheduling some social media posts.

If you want to take it a step further, you can set milestones and reward yourself at each. For example, you get to go out for coffee and cake at your favourite cafe when you have 5 small wins, or you take the rest of the day off when you have 10 small wins.