Strategy Sessions

Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction


 You’ve bought dozens of courses, hired 4 different VA’s, pinned 376 blog posts about the topic, yet you’re still not sure…

If only someone would listen to your situation and give advice specifically to you

Stuff I know about..


Squarespace & SEO

  • Making Squarespace play nice

  • Creating strategic content

  • Optimising your site for Google


Systems & Tech

  • Creating SOPs

  • Choosing Systems

  • Preparing to outsource

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Content Marketing

  • Starting a YouTube channel

  • Deciding on a content plan

  • Hosting online summits


I know it’s a lot and I know you’re tired, but you don’t have to know everything.

Sandra is the voice of reason that every business owner needs.
Amber Rose Thomas, Business Coach
Every time I talk to her I’m blown away by how much she knows, if I could afford to hire her as my full time COO I would!
Alyea Sandovar, phd
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How it works

  1. Click the button to book the session of your choice

  2. Fill out your contact details (including VAT-number for European business owners!) and proceed to payment

  3. You’ll receive a link to my calendar straight after, where you can book your session

  4. There is plenty of availability for both US and European timezones, in case you can’t find a time that works, just email me and we’ll sort it out 😁

  5. Show up to our shared meeting room during our session, get ready to make lots notes!

  6. After the session I’ll send you any relevant resources and introduce you to anyone in my network that might be able to help you move forwards

Here are the options

1 x 45 mins

hi I'm a sentence about what we can do in 45 mins
$ 85

1 x 90 mins

Hi I'm a sentence about what we can do in 90 minutes
$ 150