Put in a quarter

Is a Dutch saying for someone who will not shut up about their topic. It was definitely based on someone like me.

Sandra van der Lee as speaker.jpg

Sandra as speaker


topics I won’t shut up about include:

  • Why You Should Give Yourself Permission

  • How To Set Better Boundaries and Why It Matters

  • Stop Overcomplicating to Start Crushing It

  • Too Tired: How To Fight Decision Fatigue and Exhaustion

what it’s like to listen to me:

  • No-bullshit talks that have been put together with love

  • Actionable advice, if it’s vague, it’s gotta go

  • A bad joke or 2 thrown in for free

At the Freedom X Festival I was at the “How To Get Your Site Live ASAP” workshop. Sandra explains what you need to have your website work for you quickly and thoroughly. She knows her subject matter and shares great SEO tips and tools, incredibly valuable.
Marloes van Oorspronk, MarLuz

Some amazing events & communities I got to speak at

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