kick your to-do list addiction and get paid

What goal do you have written down since last quarter last year? Let's finally get it done.

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Do people ask you about that new thing you were creating - but you still haven’t launched it? Did you stop opening your Asana because you don’t have time to work on the stuff in there anyway? Do you have so many things to do, you would rather take a nap? 

this is for you.


What is it?

the 12-week get shit done program

12 weeks of 1-on-1 accountability, strategy, coaching and getting the right shit done to accelerate your business results.

30 minute Get Shit Done Sessions every other week

Where we break down your goals into simple steps, fix your planning and your attitude. We deep-dive into your plans and next steps, so you can stop second-guessing and start striking things off your to-do list.

weekly email check-ins

You thought I’d leave you on your own for a whole week? HA! After our call I’ll send you a summary with your specific action steps. To keep you on your toes I’ll check in with you during weeks without calls too, so that you can get feedback when you get stuck and keep moving forward.

one hour of document review a month

Want me to look over your new sales page? Email sequence? Some feedback on your Instagram captions? Let me look them over so you can stop doubting yourself and hit publish instead.

What others love about it

I have done several similar coaching calls, but this was by far the most helpful and practical one.
Roman, Design Engineer
Sandra was literally restless in brainstorming new ideas of actions I could take straight away to help me promote my business and get more organized and waste less time.
Krystyna, Virtual Assistent
She’s the voice of reason that every business owner needs whether they are just starting out, or juggling multiple launches and projects simultaneously.
Amber Rose Thomas, Business Coach
Take my word for it, hire her and watch your stress levels go down and your productivity levels go up. Thank me later.
Amber Rose Thomas, Business Coach
I had one session with Sandra and she managed to turn my procrastination mode into action mode 🚀 and the suggestions she had were not only very useful but also fuelled my drive! ✨
Marena, Teams 4 Purpose
I was amazed how fast she could comprehend and relate to my complex business niche and field. She didn’t give me the typical boring marketing tips but easy to implement marketing tasks.
Roman, Design Engineer
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5 3 spots left!

Early Bird Pricing

Option 1: pay in full with major discount

€ 600 / $ 700 for 12 weeks

Option 2: Pay in 3 installments

3 payments of € 250 / $ 297
1 payment due every 4 weeks

Get started with a free taster session

Don’t you just love free samples? Try a 30 minute Get Shit Done Session to see if it’s right for you.

These sessions truly are my happy place. If you’re on the fence, book a call anyway!
I don’t like hard sales so there is no pressure. Pinky promise.

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What if

You knew what marketing strategy you are trying next

So you can stop looking for the next big thing to help you get clients.

You finally launched your podcast

So you can reach a new audience and build authority in your niche.

Your business can finally make income without you

Because you have streamlined, outsourced and funnels set up so you don't need to work in your business every second of every day.

You had someone to support you every step of the way

So you can bounce ideas around, make decisions and move forward without second-guessing yourself constantly.

Get started with a free taster session

Don’t you just love free taster sessions? Try a 30 minute Get Shit Done Session to see if it’s right for you.