You have so many amazing ideas.
So why don't you implement them?

You’ve enthusiastically told me about your incredible plans. Whether it’s a brand new service, an iTunes-breaking Podcast or a series of passive income products.

But somehow you haven’t made them happen yet.


I see you, you:

  • Feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Even though you’re not getting anything done.

  • Feel guilty. Are you doing enough? 

  • Know there is so much more for you, if only you could execute your ideas.

There is a way out. Using strategy, accountability and systems will help you move forward.

So those incredible plans you told me about? You are going to make them happen!


Hi, I’m Sandra

And I've been there

If we could ever get ourselves together to organise it, I would win the International Procrastinators Award every single year. I procrastinated my way through high school, a Bachelors degree and a 2-year Master of Science program.

The biggest reason I didn’t pursue a PhD? I’d have to write the damn thing in the last 6 weeks of the 4-year program.

and then I started a business

And let me tell you, I’ve never worked this hard in my life. Although I missed direction, support and influential friends, I executed like crazy.

Writing blog posts, hosting online summits, setting up workshops, creating templates. I’ve done it all. Along the way I started building systems, tricks and an environment to help me succeed. Basically, I had to become a Productivity Pirate.

What sets me apart? execution

My clients and biz friends are always surprised. Wait?! You already implemented that? You bet.

It’s because I use methods, tricks & techniques to simplify decision-making, execution and working on and in my business. Let me help you execute with ease too.

How I can help you

here's how we can work together

SANDRA speaking square.jpg

Speaking, guest trainings and podcast interviews

There are a few topics I cannot shut up about, including effortless productivity, setting boundaries, overcoming exhaustion and how to stop overcomplicating your business.

I love speaking for large audiences and putting together intimate workshops. Check out my speaker page below.

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12-week get shit done program

This is my signature 1-on-1 program. Together we’ll evaluate your plans, decide which goals to pursue first and crush them.

It comes with 6 x 1-on-1 sessions and 3 hours of document review, so you can finally move forward and make it happen. See all the details and book a taster session by clicking below.

what others say about working with me

She’s the voice of reason that every business owner needs whether they are just starting out, or juggling multiple launches and projects simultaneously.
Amber Rose Thomas, Business Coach
I had one session with Sandra and she managed to turn my procrastination mode into action mode 🚀 and the suggestions she had were not only very useful but also fuelled my drive! ✨
Marena, Teams 4 Purpose
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Take my free 5-day email course to start batching to save oodles of time

Batching pesky business tasks is my secret weapon to get more done! In this free course you will:

  • Find out why batching is great (with science to back it up!)

  • Get my recipe to batch tasks, the easy way

  • Find out that the devil lives in your inbox and how to banish him